Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

 My birthday is coming up and this cute pale pink food processor is at the top of my birthday wishlist.

She would complete my pink kitchenaid collection!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

ON MY WISH LIST... {take a guess}

If you guessed a Bourgie lamp,






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Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm so excited to share my gallery wall! The room is starting to feel warm again now that the all white walls are semi covered up. I had a tricky time arranging each frame, but it's a start and I think it's off to a good one! 

I chose the same frame style for each print. I like how although each print is different, the frames bring them all together while still creating the "gallery" effect. 

(Trying out different arrangements) 

Rome, Italy

St. Petersburg, Russia

Budapest, Hungary

Finally! Walls are not bare anymore :) I still have more to frame, so I left some open spaces for room to arrange around. What do you think? How does it look?? Have any of you ever tried a gallery wall?

I feel like things are finally coming along! I know a home is always a work in progress, but things are starting to look the way I want :) 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012 & Keeping Focused

Decorating to me is so enjoyable. On the downside, it is costly and usually takes longer than I'd like. I'm trying to stay focused though... one room at a time, problem is (well not really a problem) I have two other mini areas in my dining room. So in order for the entire room to look complete, I have to address each of these mini areas. This is where I start to loose focus because I bounce from one project to another. 

Right now the "bar area" is being used as a mantle for a couple prints I want to frame for a gallery wall on opposite side. I have a vintage painting of my mom that I love, but I don't think she would approve of me having a painting of her above my bar area lol!   

One of my favorite pictures. I love the purple Jacaranda trees and the balloons in center just look so peaceful. I'm thinking since this one is my favorite, I will center the gallery wall around it. 

Future gallery wall of prints/pictures/paintings, different places I've traveled.  The white mirror was another cheap find! I spray painted it a glossy white, but...I don't know where to place it. I'm thinking above my desk?? What do you think?

These two tufted stools I purchased years ago from Target. My son noticed the sparkly button and pulled it off :( need to have it sewn. I love their bright fuschia color.

Lastly, Since walls are white, I do need some color other than what I already have and plan on doing with the gallery wall, so I was thinking some curtain panels. Something inexpensive but still a little dramatic looking. These caught my eye, I love the pattern and what else goes better with white than black right? 

To sum up this post, I need to cover up these bare walls! 

Happy Friday! 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I Got for Christmas! and updated Dining Room

This was #1 on my Christmas wish list, and my sweet husband bought it for me.

Here is an updated view of my dining room with the beveled mirror above the buffet and new chandelier :) What do you think? I know walls are still a little bare, especially since new coat of white paint... I have some ideas in mind. I'll keep you posted on that ;)

My sweet sister gave me this Louis Vuitton book I have been wanting. I just love the colorful sleeve, so pretty!  

Got this leopard coat from my mom, I love the huge collar and feel of the faux fur. Can't wait to wear this out!!

I guess I was a good girl because my husband surprised me with this Hello Kitty hand mirror I have been wanting and new perfume, Victor Rolf Flowerbomb...smells ah-may-zing!!!! love it! 

Lastly a picture of my little love bug on Santa's lap :) I can't believe how much he has grown compared to last year.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday spent with your loved ones. I am so thankful to have spent another year celebrating love and togetherness with those I cherish. Hope you all have a happy safe new year!


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Friday, December 23, 2011


I love d.i.y. projects! I am always one to take on the challenge of transforming something that doesn't look like it has potential into something pretty. It allows me to be creative.

So, a while back I was searching for furniture on craigslist and found these ladderback chairs. The lady was selling 6 chairs plus a table for a price I simply could not pass up!



red vinyl




I ended up only keeping two for my kitchen nook. I purchased the fabric here. The table was also a score, I believe it was around $50 at TJ Maxx a few years back and the white bench was my mom's. I purchased 2 yards of fabric and with the left over, I plan to make two pillows for the bench.

So what do you think? Hope you like it as much as I do :)


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Friday, December 9, 2011

Nail Necessities

Here are my go to nail necessities:
Essie nail corrector pen
Essie nail file
Burt's Bees cuticle cream
Forever 21 nail polish remover pads (work and smell so good)
wooden cuticle pusher
cuticle clippers
Essie first base base coat
Sally Hansen Double Duty top coat

I store all these essentials in a cute little O.P.I. pouch and keep it in my purse. I've come to find, with all the right tools, I can give myself a pretty good manicure at home. The Burt's Bees cuticle cream is the best if you suffer from dry cuticles like I do. 

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